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Wiki for CSE 498 Mobile App Development

Elliot Soloway, Arthur C. Thurnau Professor, CSE, College of Engineering, University of Michigan

Alex Kuhn, PhD Candidate

contact: soloway@umich.edu


Dorm room entrepreneurs - DREs - have an unprecedented opportunity: they can actually

produce software that others will use -- and even pay for!

To earn an A in this course, students need to post their mobile app on a mobile app store.


Link to Fall 2010 48 Hour Mobile App Hackathon:

http://eecs.umich.edu/cse/events/48_hack_2010/mobile-blitz-results-F2010.html   - description and apps produced

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPJdEorTH2A - continuous video


Listing of mobile apps generated in CSE 498 Fall 2010:


Cam Up

Instant Picture Sharing

Synchronize your Social Network Site and Photo Sharing

-Upload photos anywhere just with one click  (FB, Flickr,Picasa)

Platform: iphone iOS

Status: Submitted to app store and waiting for certification


Cam Up helps you quickly take and upload a picture to your facebook and flickr account at the same time.There are two features making Cam Up useful:- One-click camera shot- Simultaneously uploading to facebook and flickrCam up let you take your profile picture just by one click. After logging in to the accounts of facebook and flickr, you don't have to do that again and gain when uploading. Everything is just that quick and easy.



Yi-Wei Chia (ywchia@umich.edu)

Tze-Hsiang Lin (senser@umich.edu)


Quiz Me

Updated: 1/9/2011

Platform: Windows Phone 7


Description: Quiz Me is the one stop application for constructing and utilizing personal flashcard decks.  It's easy-to-use features and rich user interface provide for a convenient and efficient means to memorize virtually anything.  With real-time feedback, you will be able to gauge your understanding of the subject matter at hand with as many decks as you like. 

Status: Published to Windows Phone Marketplace

Link (Zune software needed): http://social.zune.net/redirect?type=phoneApp&id=11653590-4ee8-df11-9264-00237de2db9e

Alternate Link: http://www.bing.com/browse?g=wp7&ve=dataset-(0045)&qpvt=windows+phone+7+apps&FORM=Z7FD1#toc=0&categories_rbid=11&r=19

Group email: synapse.wp7@umich.edu


Anthony Henderson (aphender@umich.edu)

Anthony Menard (armenard@umich.edu)

Garrett Sinclair (gamisinc@umich.edu)

Scott Treadwell (stread@umich.edu)




Spubble Lite

Date Updated: 8/1/11

Platform: Apple iOS, Android 

Version: 1.1

iTunes Store link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spubble-lite/id408355153?mt=8

iOS Downloads: 934

Android Market Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.moblue&feature=search_result  

Android Downloads: 10-50

Website: http://www.MoBlueTech.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mobluetech






Spubble is aimed at assisting individuals with verbal communication issues, by allowing them to communicate using a unique and intuitive interface. 

It allows the user to "speak" individual words, simply by tapping on them, and it allows for complete phrase creation by dragging the word icons to a speech bubble (or "spubble") at the top of the screen. These icons can also be removed from the spubble simply by dragging them out. The entire phrase can be heard by tapping the green "play" button to the right of the "spubble". Tapping the red "home" button on the bottom of the screen takes the user back to the main categories screen.



Spubble Lite provides 5 categories with up to 150 words:





General (Yes, No, Thank You, You're Welcome, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, etc.)


Updates to Spubble's word library and functionality will be released frequently.


Future updates will include:

A library consisting of up to 20 categories and 3000 words

User created icons (iPhone camera to create icon images, text-to-speech software to create audio)

Device to device communication using the Spubble interface


Video walkthrough of Spubble (submission to UM Mobile Apps Challenge): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb5Y8260HX8 


Group email - MoblueTechTeam@gmail.com

Jake Steinerman - jastman@umich.edu

Varun Maker - varunmak@umich.edu

Cheng Chen - breath@umich.edu

Graphics by: James Thomas (JamesTho@umich.edu), Marcia Kosin (Art student)







 Platform: iOS, Android

Status: Deployment delayed* - 12/17

Submitted iPhone for review, Finishing touches on Android

Waiting for Yelp API key certification - 12/1

Last update:  12-17


GEOfox is a service that provides unique recommendations of new places to visit based on your check-in data, interests, and aggregated group data. Use GEOfox on your iPhone or Android device and begin discovering new places immediately. Explore new places and discover fresh content with GEOfox.

-Users can check in at locations and later view their history.

-Users can find similar businesses, restaurants, parks, places to their current or favorite locations

-Recommendations utilize multiple data sources to provide fresh content

-Have fun in a safe environment

-New: Developers! Interact with our easy developer API to build fun location based applications



Android demo (old): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_0cpKY6yi8

iPhone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPQH31rZL3M


More information, screenshots, videos, and download links at: geofoxapp.com

Adam Budde - abudde@umich.edu

Mike Brown - mikegb@umich.edu

Mike Billau - mbillau@umich.edu


"Deployment of GEOfox clients beyond development phase (eg, releasing on the store) has been delayed because of issues with using and storing Yelp data. (Yelp information is cached on the server.) We are currently implementing backend changes to integrate with Yelps guidelines.

iPhone screenshots:


Android screenshots:







MaskME is an interactive augmented reality application that allows users to overlay a variety of fun masks over their friends' faces in real time. They can then snap a full resolution picture of the screen. The application includes a set of pre-made masks but users can also add custom masks.


Platform: Android

Status: 630 Downloads as of 5/17/2011, Has inspired me to update it again :)







Tim Guenthner - tguenthn@umich.edu

Mandar Gokhale - mandarg@umich.edu

Mike Metze - mcmetze@umich.edu







Weather Clock

>Weather-interactive alarm clock that provides you with first-hand weather information, including the text-to-speech functionality, the moment you open your eyes.

Platform: Android

Status: submitted and upgraded

Link: http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/tools/weather-alarm-clock_ojlz.html

Already 50 download!!!!!!!!!!




This is the visual part, the specialty of this app is it will read out loud the key information of weather, so during the first few seconds you've been awaken, you don't really have to open your eyes.


Shi Qiu - qishi@umich.edu

Yefei Wang - wangyef@umich.edu



Tasks Maestro

Date updated: 12/16/2010

Platform:  Windows Phone 7

Description: Tasks Maestro is a task/to-do manager that is both simple to use and full of features! Tasks can be organized into custom categories, and you can sort your tasks by due date or priority. With a simple and powerful interface, Tasks Maestro makes task managing easy!

Status: Available in the Windows Phone Marketplace!  To access the Marketplace, you need to download and install the Zune desktop software (from here: http://www.zune.net/en-US/products/software/download/default.htm).  Here is a screenshot of Tasks Maestro in the Marketplace: http://www.umich.edu/~pludwig/Tasks_Maestro_marketplace_screenshot.png.  If you have the Zune desktop software installed, you can view Tasks Maestro with this link: http://social.zune.net/redirect?type=phoneApp&id=3c5ca633-cc01-e011-9264-00237de2db9e.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjabqBDFuk4

Group emailTasksMaestro@gmail.com

Yi Li - yjli@umich.edu

Peter Ludwig - pludwig@umich.edu

Gregory Sakorafis - gsakoraf@umich.edu






Date Updated: 12/08/2010

Platform: Apple iPhone

Description: Ensemble serves as a medium for original artists, after uploading their original unlicensed music through a screened web interface, to promote and distribute their songs on the mobile platform and as a music discovery tool for users and listeners.

Status: Submitted to Apple App Store, awaiting review

Group E-mail: ensembledevelopers@umich.edu

Michael Hwang - mqhwang@umich.edu

Yutaro Mori - yutaromo@umich.edu

Wendell Tsai - wtjr@umich.edu




Arbor Park

An Award Winning App - Best Android App, 2010 Mobile Apps Challenge 

Date Published: 11/29/10 

Date Updated: 12/17/10 (3rd update)

Downloads as of 05/20/2011: 514

Platform: Android 

Description: Arbor Park is the best way to find appropriate parking lots in Ann Arbor and University of Michigan - Ann Arbor campus based on:
• Permit type
• Day/time
• Handicap accessibility
• Motorcycle parking
Displays number of available parking spots in certain city lots (visitor permit).

Status: Available on Android Market



Group email: arborpark@umich.edu

Adam Kelly - adark@umich.edu

Dhineshkumar N Muthu - dhinesh@umich.edu

Yumin Pan - panyumin@umich.edu





An Application to view the webcomic QC

Android Platform


Over 300 Downloads!

Market Link: http://www.appbrain.com/app/qc-viewer/atg.src 


Adam Giacobbe - agiac@umich.edu




An alternative contact list application for building contact groups

Android Platform


Over 50 Downloads!

Promotional Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77kJtAHanVk 

Market Link: http://www.appbrain.com/app/c-grid/atg.droid.src





Adam Giacobbe - agiac@umich.edu

Adrian Prayogo - prayogoa@umich.edu



An application for event sharing

Android Platform


Over 50 Downloads!

Market Link: http://www.appbrain.com/app/tadpole-%28alpha%29/tadpole.src



Adam Giacobbe

Brad McManus

Alex Itkin

Prem Ganeshkumar






Android stick figure single/multiplayer fighting game

Brian Ruff - bsruff@umich.edu

Josh Oligschlaeger - josholig@umich.edu

Ben Chrisna - achrisna@umich.edu


Use your finger to fight a CPU-controlled enemy or battle a friend on another phone using bluetooth connectivity



Canvass Lab

Date updated: 12/05/2010

Platform: Android

Description: A mobile canvassing platform for non-profit groups, political campaigns and any other groups that need to collect and store data digitally in the field.

Status: At the Anrdoid Market. App and screenshots at:


Andrew Gordon - asgor@umich.edu

Alex Pompe - pompe@umich.edu




Date Updated: 12/8/2010

Platform: Android

Description: VisualList keeps your grocery list using the device's built-in camera.  Never forget an item from the store again! Add and remove items from your list with a few simple clicks.

Status: 500-1000 downloads as of 5/18/2011. Available for download on the Android market





Group Email: visuallist@umich.edu  

Maureen Maier - memaier@umich.edu

Becky Malinowski - becky.malinowski@gmail.com

Brad McManus - btmcm@umich.edu

Graphics: Ellen Binder




Status: On store 

US http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drawnotes/id407671424?mt=8

KOR http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drawnotes/id407671432?mt=8

Platform: iPhone
Can use it whenever you need to write
or draw something quick.
Can erase by shaking or tapping 3 times
Can even erase AND exit by tapping 4 times




Group Members:

Sunpyo Hong - paann@umich.edu

Sanghyun Park - kingsang@umich.edu

Jaesuk Kim - jaesuk@umich.edu


EchoPrep Lite

EchoPrep Lite uses echocardiography video clips to review the anatomy and coronary perfusion associated with the standard transthoracic views of the heart. Aimed at both a general review for practicing sonographers and echo techs as well as preparation for the adult echocardiography national registry exams.





Group Members:

Scott Reed - reedscot@umich.edu

Akriti Dokania - akritid@umich.edu


Rubik's Cube Timer

Date updated: 11/2/2010

Platform:  iPhone/iPad

Description: Simple, easy to use Rubik's Cube Timer on iPhone/iPad.

Status: Available on app store now.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rubiks-cube-timer/id399852981?mt=8

Downloads as of 12/08/2010: 15,034

                           01/04/2011: 21,860

                           05/15/2011: 43,916

                           07/31/2011: 60,412

                           08/28/2011: 64,468

                           10/04/2011: 70,185

Group email:  Boshan Sun - sunboshan@gmail.com




screen shots:





Date updated: 12/1/2010


Description: MBus is an app that gives you all the information you could possibly need to use the University of Michigan Bus System in Ann Arbor. You can see bus arrivals in both a list and a map display, as well as get directions based on your location and the currently running buses. 

Status: On Store http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-bitshiftllc-mbus-qCxiA.aspx

Downloads: 25 total, 19 active (12/9/10)

Screenshots: See MBus page

Group Email: android@bitshiftllc.com

Paul Rigge - riggep@umich.edu

Tom Thiem - tomthiem@umich.edu



Audio Repeater/30-30 Work Timer

First project:

Date updated: 12/14/2010

Platform: iPhone

Description: 30-30 Work Timer - Some people find it easier/more efficient to work for 30 minutes, take a break for the next 30, and repeat. This simple app makes it easy to ensure one doesn't go over the allotted time for working and playing; it counts down for 30 minutes and sends the user a vibrating alert once time has elapsed. 

Status: On the Apple App store (this was our first beginner (4-week) app): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/30-30-work-timer/id407721224?mt=8

Group email:

David Joseph - teements@umich.edu

Eric Thompson - thomeri@umich.edu




Date updated: 12/8/2010

Platform:  iPhone

Description: Audio Repeater - Choose a specific part of a song to repeat and play. Save selections for later use & share with friends/students.

Status: Submitted to Apple App Store, Waiting for Review

Group email: ARepeater@umich.edu

David Joseph - teements@umich.edu

Eric Thompson - thomeri@umich.edu





Platform: Android

Status: 12/18/10 Fixing bug with High score and Version update (Not on store because previous versions are compatible with new versions, needs to be handled so only current versions compatible)

Description: An entertaining and addictive single and multiplayer touch controlled video game for Android. Players must destroy the orbiting planets to achieve various goals before their galaxy becomes unstable and shatters.

Group Email: 497team8@umich.edu

Brian Ruff - bsruff@umich.edu

Tom King - kingtom@umich.edu

Zac Evans-Golden - zaceg@umich.edu





Developed for EECS 499 Independent Study Spring Term 2011

Date Updated: 06/30/2011

Platform: Android

DescriptionA tie is like kissing your sister... Tiebreaker remedies any situation where there is no clear winner. Right now, it features two modes: pick a number (1 through 10) and random. Whoever successfully guesses the number or completes the random task, wins!

Status: Available for download on the Android market https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mmaier.tiebreaker&feature=search_result




Author: Maureen Maier - memaier@umich.edu

Graphics: Emily Maier - emaier@umich.edu

Submitted iPhone for review, Finishing touches on Android

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