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This page is for any interesting or insightful tech/mobile industry commentary.


Daring Fireball: What's Next for Nokia?

Some pretty good insight by Gruber about Nokia's predicament. Includes comments by a former Nokia software engineer-- apparently hardware runs everything. How long do you think they hold on to the title of world's largest cell producer?


The Sad Truth About Facebook

Interesting, and worrying perspective from Dan Lyons, who argues that Silicon Valley is no longer as dedicated to "solving the really hard problems", and instead to "get rich quick" schemes, aka startups.  


My response: Everyone wants to be a Facebook, or a Zynga, and make a lot of money quickly, but at the end of the day, can we really compare the impact of these apps to the invention of the transistor, for example? And even if you succeed and get rich, have you really pushed technology forward? Have you made the world a better place? No, you just made some crapware called "Angry Birds".  The US seems to be falling behind in a lot of tech, from stem cell therapy to better batteries to nanotech, and neither "iFart" nor Twitter is going to save us. I think Lyons has a point - Silicon Valley needs to dispense with the silly crap, and leverage all of the bright young minds gathered there to solve nontrivial problems.


Response from Erik Schonfeld, TechCrunch


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