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Video: Windows Phone 7 hacked onto the HTC HD2

some hacker guy called cotulla boots WP 7 on HTC HD2. this is the link to this guy's website: http://cotulla.pp.ru/.




We were talking about this in class one day!




Average Number Of Apps Downloaded To iPhone: 40, Android: 25

The trend of downloading applications to smartphones has only accelerated in the past nine months with users downloading an average of 27 apps to their phone, which is up from 22 in December 2009. According to Nielsen, which conducted a survey among 4,000 mobile subscribers, the iPhone not surprisingly led the pack with users downloading an average of 40 apps. Android came in second with 25 downloads per device, and BlackBerry was in third with an average of 14.


Summary of Eric Schmidt talk at Google Zeitgeist Conference
Earlier this week at the Google Zeitgeist conference, the company’s chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt said there was a divergence between his sector and the rest of the economy. While high-tech firms are currently receiving new investments, rolling out new products, and hiring new workers, the broader economy is at a standstill...


For IBM, Africa is The Next Growth Frontier

In Africa, mobile is already significant.  But most people use basic, feature phones.  Despite the technology limitations, people get a lot of useful information from these feature phones, even doing things like online banking.  Interesting article about IBM's investment in Africa... other large tech companies soon to follow?


Cracked apps without a jailbreak

If we are going to be developing for these platforms I thought it would be interested in the how people are pirating apps. Looks like a new method is about to drop that could make it even easier for the average user.


FCC Expected To Approve White Spaces

Microsoft and Google have both been testing white spaces networks though estimates of when devices capable of using the spectrum might reach the market vary widely.
I saw this demo last week and figured it was worth mentioning as AMD has been out of the scene for a while. The article explains that if AMD isn't exaggerating they may put up a fight for the portable pc market.

Archos 101 Android Tablet: iPad Rival or Giant Phone?

Android tablets are emerging.  There has been android tablets, with USB and speakers......

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