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Page history last edited by Alex Pompe 13 years, 8 months ago

Welcome 498f10 "Mobile Programming"

Elliot Soloway, Alex Kuhn 




Alex Pompe

Comcast wins worst company in America award




Jake Steinerman

Started a "Group Names and Info" page


Akriti Dokania:

I think this is helpful to all of  us..FYI ! hopefully!




9/19/2010 - Peter Ludwig added resources to the Windows Phone 7 page.


Cheng Chen:

Started the iPhone Fundamentals page.


Yi Li;

Started the Android Resources page.


Greg Sakorafis:

Started the Useful Links for Developing on Windows Phone 7 Page - someone should make similar pages for iPhone, Android.


Adam Kelly:

Added the 2nd Week App Presentations page.


Jake Steinerman:

Uploaded the news story about FCC approving white spaces


Mandar Gokhale:

Added the Android Fundamentals page. (Please contribute more links/tutorials if you find any.)


Tony Menard (9/19/2010):

Added the Social Media page. (Please contribute more links/tutorials if you find any.)


9/15/2010 Elliot added "top 20 android apps"

9/13/2010 - ES syllabus posted with instructions on how to edit this wiki498f10 Syllabus v2.doc

9/13/2010 - ES added page (scroll t bottom) that contains links of "interesting" apps"




How does someone do THAT?

A modicum of Talent & a great deal of Practice -

Check out this clip of Michael Jordan discussing failure:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-EMOb3ATJ0

While this course probably won't prepare you to be a ballet dancer or a basketball player, I hope this course will start you on the way to being a World Class MOBILE Software Developer -- with an emphasis on the word "start"


PAGE contains lists of "interesting" apps:

Interesting Apps



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